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December 5th Auction:

On-site Preview: Sunday December 5th, Noon-2:00 PM

Auction Categories: Christmas, Vintage Ornaments, Holiday, Collectibles, Sports Cards Jordan, Ken Griffey Jr, Bryce Harper, Lou Brock, Willie Mayes

January 5th Art Auction

Auction Categories: Oil Paintings, Etchings, International Art, Mesoamerican Art, Oriental Art, Indian Art

February 5th Book Auction

Auction Categories: Wide Range of Books, Antique Books, First Editions

March 5th Military and Weapon Auction

Auction Categories: Military Related, Bladed Items, Knives, Non Firearm Weapons, Bows, Arrows, Grappling Hooks, Bayonets, Obscure Torture Related Items, Traps, 

April 5th Everything Goes Spring Cleaning Auction

Auction Categories: You Name It, It's Probably Going to Sell, Tools, Ladders, Sports, Toys, Summer Related, Furniture, Vacuums

May 5th (5/5) Anniversary Gallery Sale

Top Quality Items such as: 1970s Empire Strikes Back Movie Poster, 1960s Middle Earth Poster, Early 1900s Etchings, Historic Revolutionary War Documents, Antique Furniture, Photos of the Civil War Battle of Gettysburg Cyclorama (Circa 1880s)

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